Espresso Syrup is a range of all-natural flavoured syrups created by coffee lovers.
During the production process we haven’t use any artificial coloring, artificial flavors or preservatives. Why is it so important? Because high quality coffee requires the use of high quality additives. Despite the fact that Espresso Syrup has been originally designed for coffee, it also tastes delicious with tea, chocolate, pastry and pancakes.


Espresso Syrup Lemon

Squeezed lemon and its peel aroma. Poetry of taste with ice coffee on hot days.


Espresso Syrup Cynamon

Favorite hot coffee and aromatic cinnamon. Don’t be afraid of winter days any more.


Espresso Syrup Ginger

Created specially for orient lovers. The sharp sound of fresh ginger in hot coffee.


Espresso Syrup Caramel

Aromatic burned sugar is something more than sweetness to coffee.


Espresso Syrup Mint

Fresh mint closed in bottle revives the taste of hot lattes and refreshes iced coffee in summer days.



Dry aroma of orange peel, which is mined from the delicate sweetness of juicy oranges. Perfect for a hot and cold coffee.


Espresso Syrup Almond

Coffee with the aroma of fresh almonds is like chocolate with almonds, you can’t simply resist it.


Espresso Syrup Rose

Rose flavors, so far reserved for jam and donuts, suits just as well in milk coffee and tea.


Espresso Syrup Vanilla

Natural syrup with vanilla seeds. Subtle in flavor, but very aromatic. Ideal for hot milky latte.